Cuanto cobra un hotel por 2 horas

How Much Does a Hotel Charge for 2 Hours

The hourly rate in hotels is generally associated with a service known as “hourly rate” or “short stay.”

Hourly rates are often associated with hotels that offer discretionary services and themed rooms and are sometimes more common in certain places, such as motels.

Hotel hourly rates vary between each hotel; it all depends on their facilities and business model. In addition to the type of hotel, the day of the week and the time can affect an increase or decrease in the charging value.

Taking the above into account, we can say that you can expect to pay around USD$60 for a basic room during the week and around USD$100 on weekends. If you want a nicer room or are looking for a place to stay during peak hours, you can expect to pay around USD$200.

Booking a Hotel for 2 Hours: In What Cases?

If you’re wondering how much a hotel charges for 2 hours, you’re probably looking for a place for a quick date or to take a shower and change.

The option to rent a hotel for a short period is often associated with specific needs and particular situations.

Let’s look at some cases where people consider this type of service.

Discreet or private encounters

Some people may seek a private place for discreet or intimate meetings that do not require a full overnight stay.

Meeting a lover or a change in the routine of a couple can be one of the perfect excuses to rent by the hour. This is the most common reason that leads you to wonder how much a hotel charges for 2 hours. But it’s not the only reason, be aware.

Rest during a long journey

Sometimes, travelers who need to rest during a trip may choose to rent a room for a short period to take a nap or relax before continuing their journey.

With the trend of travel YouTubers, the demand for hotels by the hour has increased more and more, to relax for a moment or to use the Wi-Fi and upload videos or photos to their social media.

Use of specific facilities

Some hotels offer rooms by the hour for guests to use specific facilities, such as a meeting room or a pool, without the need to stay overnight.

Work or study needs

In situations where a quiet space is needed to work or study for a few hours, some people may choose to rent a hotel room instead of using cafes or other public places.

Some of these situations may not be applicable or appropriate in all places or cultures, as hotels that charge by the hour are more associated with secretive lovers’ encounters. Before considering this type of service, check if you can do the same elsewhere with a better reputation.

Hotel hourly charges

For accurate information on hourly rates at a specific hotel, I recommend contacting the hotel of your choice directly and checking their current policies and rates.

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